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Chris from the team outside nansmellyn marsh nature reserve with sign saying will you help us open a nature reserve

Better Friday - Nansmellyn Marsh

We wanted to thank everybody for the brilliant reaction to our Better Friday campaign, both for your orders, your direct donations to the Nansmellyn nature reserve fund and your interest in the project.

This project is not about a single weekend for us as we'll be working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust for the foreseeable to achieve our goal of making the reserve safe to visit and a wonderful place to reconnect with nature, but we loved having the opportunity to share the story and we can't wait to keep you all informed on our progress.

Today we had the great pleasure of donating £400 to the Nansmellyn nature reserve project which was from Better Friday sales and we will continue to find ways to support the reserve.

Don't forget you can add a donation to the nature reserve when you shop and we'll ensure 100% of these donations goes to the fund.

Walking in Nansmellyn Nature Reserve

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