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long tailed tits on a belle bird feeder

Love is in the air


At Green&Blue, our favourite thing about the 14th February has to be the fact that it's the start of nestbox week - that's our kind of celebration of love! 


Our garden birds are short of nesting spaces, and as ever there are all sorts of reasons why. Outside spaces are more landscaped and tidy than in years gone by, meaning natural habitat is greatly reduced. Alongside this, modern building methods and the redevelopment of old barns and agricultural buildings means there are far fewer nooks and crannies in housing too. This is the reason why nestboxes have become more important than ever and it's a simple way you can show your love for our garden birds.


So this Valentines day you could show your love by spending time together creating your own handmade nestbox (there are lots of projects on the nestbox website here) or you could forget flowers and chocolates, they never last anyway (!) and instead you could treat your loved one to a birdhouse from the Green&Blue range, or a beautiful birdfeeder - meaning love will be in the air for many years to come as you get to enjoy being closer to your garden birds. 


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Our thanks to the wonderful @inatinygarden over on Instagram for the delightful long tailed tit image we've used to highlight our 'love is in the air' campaign.

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