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Spring Garden Jobs

Spring Garden Jobs

Spring is a beautiful time for any gardener. The promise of the season ahead, the hours to be spent happily trimming, pruning, prepping and finding that spot where the sun shines just so on your face! It's the time when our gardens begin to awaken and we, in turn, remember the pleasure to be found outside. 

There's a few jobs that you should be thinking about undertaking in the Spring to make your garden flourish through the rest of the year.

It's always good to start the year with a little garden Spring clean but don't go crazy. Remember that all sorts of wildlife might have found themselves a home for overwintering in your garden so be gentle when strimming or mowing, and if you can, leave a few patches to stay wild, it's a simple thing that can really make a difference to habitat for all sorts of different wildlife species. 

Beepot with wildlife friendly planting

It's good to give everything a proper feed at this time of year, fertilising your beds. There are lots of different options on the market such as organic compost or well rotted manure or we love worm cast fertiliser from Rocket Garden, a fellow Cornish company. Source carefully to ensure that products you use are organic and low impact, do not contain peat and will not be putting anything unwanted into the soil where you will be growing. 

If any of your plants are going to need supports then it's a good idea to put them in now so that plants can grow up them rather than adding them afterwards. 

Flowers like roses, fuscia and clematis benefit from careful pruning at this time of year - check guidance online to ensure you are doing this correctly. 

 Birdbath in customer garden

If you have the space then now would be a great time to install a garden pond or water feature. A pond is a great way to look after all kinds of wildlife species and makes a lovely feature in a garden. if you haven't got the space then you could install a BirdBath instead - like the one from our range. 

If you get ahead of the game on any weeding that needs doing now as well, you'll find it's easier to control them than if you let them get out of control. If you have the space to let flowers like dandelions grow then remember they are one of the best, early bloomers and food sources for many different pollinating species. 

Solitary bee on a bee brick

Solitary bees are generally active from early to mid Spring depending on temperatures. This means now is a great time to get bee houses popped around in your garden, or retrofitted into your building if you can. Fascinating to watch, solitary bees are also a gardeners friend as they'll help with pollination. 

A few bird species might still be around looking for spaces to nest, you can help them by adding a birdhouse to your garden, or integrating one into your building project if you have the space. They'll provide you with endless entertainment and beautiful tunes as well! 

So there you have it, some jobs to get you going out in the garden, ready for months of glorious sunshine, adventures and wildlife species! (we hope!)

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