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leafcutter heading into imperfect bee brick solitary bee house

Perfectly Imperfect sale - what is it?

The Perfectly Imperfect sale happens online just once a year. It's your chance to grab something from the range that's not quite perfect, at a fraction of the price.

We ask a lot of the materials we use and this means sometimes products don't come out as perfect as we would wish. We have pretty strict quality control levels to ensure we're always happy with the products we send out meaning each week there are 4-5 (sometimes more if it's been a bad week!) products that don't quite meet these standards, perhaps a larger than acceptable air bubble, a chip on a corner, damage to the area where the writing appears on a product like the Beepot, or separation on the edges.

The issues that make the products imperfect mean they don't pass our quality control standards to be boxed but that they will still work perfectly for wildlife, and look pretty great too!

The Perfectly Imperfect sale is our chance to clear the workshop and your chance to grab something from the range, and make more space for nature, at up to 50% off our normal prices, if you can forgive a little bit of extra character then it's a win win!

perfectly imperfect bee bricks and blocks sale

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I’d like to know when your sales start please


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