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Search for a Stockist

Search for a Stockist

We all know that 2020 has been a strange old year so far, we just don't know how far and wide that strangeness will creep and last, yet!

One of the visible effects of the virus right now is that Autumn tradeshows like Top Drawer and Autumn Fair aren't happening. These shows are often the way that shops, galleries, garden centres, and museums find new stock to sell in their shops and without them, we know shops are having to work in new ways to find suppliers via different methods. 

Green&Blue exhibition space at Top Drawer tradeshow

This gave us an idea... It's impossible for us to know every high street in the UK, and indeed beyond, in any kind of detail, and therefore to know where the Green&Blue range might suit a perfect little gallery, a brilliant little design led gift shop. But, as you're reading this, we reckon you might know our range quite well, might have ideas about the kind of shop it suits, and might have a few ideas about shops you've visited where you can imagine our range would fit in well.

This is our 'Search for a Stockist' and we'd love your help. Tell us about the shop you know where you can picture our range, if you've got contact details then even better. If you're popping in to that shop then you could even mention us to them, let them check us out and see what they think! We have a brilliant network of shops,  galleries and websites that we work with already but we'd love your help in growing that list and in bringing the Green&Blue range to an even wider audience in 2020 and beyond. 

So leave us your suggestions in the comments below, email us to info@greenandblue.co.uk, drop us a line on 01872 858658, message us on social or comment on a post over there, we're all ears and we can't wait to hear from you, because you guys are going to know your high streets far better than we ever can, unless you live in Perranporth - in which case we know that one pretty well!! 

You can check where Green&Blue stockists are located already on our map here  - spot the gaps?! (Brighton and Edinburgh, we're looking at you!)


Photo's; Brilliant Green&Blue stockist Le Petit Jardin and Green&Blue exhibition stand at Top Drawer tradeshow. 

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What about
Stratford Garden Centre
Campden Road
CV37 8LW
Tel 01789 205745

Reasonably local to me – fair bit of £££ about in stratford, bit of a destination garden centre in that it has other shops etc, veg stall, cafe so would suit your products?


Brigg Garden Centre , Bigby High Road, Brigg DN20 9HE

Has a few other GC in their chain.

Stephen Priestnall

Pretty new one is the West End Flower Farm in Froyle… they’ve just opened up a cafe and shop so there’s less customers perhaps but would obviously fit in perfectly with your products.

Margaret Thomas

There’s also the Hambledon in Winchester which is more fashion based but they also have good gift ranges so I can envision your products potentially fitting in there!

Margaret Thomas

Hey Green & Blue! Long Barn (based in Alresford) is a lavender field turned garden/shopping cafe centre with huge numbers of visitors. Check it out!

Margaret Thomas

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