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Solitary Bee Week 2020 - June 29th - July 5th

Solitary Bee Week 2020 - June 29th - July 5th

Monday 29th June marks the start of the 3rd edition of Solitary Bee Week. This year's week will be an entirely digital affair due to the current crisis but there are still heaps of ways to get involved and to help us spread the word about our brilliant solitary bees. 

Learn love share for solitary bee week


This is what Solitary Bee Week is all about.

90% of our bee species in the UK are solitary bees yet few people know much about them. Solitary Bee Week is a chance to learn about solitary bees, fall in love with them, and share this knowledge with others so that more people fall in love with them and feel inclined to do what they can to protect them. 

Wear your stripes wednesday - the Green&Blue team wear their stripes for solitary bee weel


You can join in the fun on Twitter by heading over for Solitary Bee Hour on Tuesday 30th June or you can dress in your stripes on Wednesday 1st July for Wear Stripes Wednesday. Share your outfits on social and use #earnyourstripes #solitarybeeweek and tag @solitarybeeweek - by wearing stripes of all shapes and sizes we can spread the word that bees come in all different shapes and sizes too.

Typewrite and flowers for solitary bee week poetry day


Thursday 2nd July is Solitary Bee poetry day. We believe that spreading the word about solitary bees is the best way to make the world fall in love with these brilliant 'other' bees and by getting creative we can spread the word in a new and engaging way. If you head over to the solitary bee week website you can check out the poems from last year, and then you can send us your best attempts to hello@solitarybeeweek.co.uk, we can't wait to read them.


graphic for solitary bee week saying the unsung heroes of the pollinating world


Green&Blue started Solitary Bee Week in 2018 after realising how few people knew about solitary bees. With the help of expert partners from The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute team, brilliant citizen scientists and solitary bee lovers like Emily Doorish and with support from the Smartline project, Solitary Bee Week is an awareness campaign run once a year with the aim of helping the public learn more about these brilliant bees. 

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