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Solitary Bee Week 2021

Solitary Bee Week 2021

Solitary Bee Week is a campaign we started back in 2018 when we realised how many conversations started with the words 'what's a solitary bee?'

Solitary Bee Week 2021 has had all sorts of ways to get involved and help us to spread the word about our brilliant solitary bees, including Wear Stripes Wednesday, a chance to highlight that bees come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. The Green&Blue team have enjoyed a stripey day in the Cornish sunshine - hence the slightly squinty photo!!

We've also seen the campaign shared by some brilliant folk, including the Woodland Trust, Surfers Against Sewage, The BBC, The National trust and the Natural History Museum - think how many more people might now know more about solitary bees!!

Team Green&Blue outside the workshop for solitary bee week in stripes

Thursday is creativity day where we ask you to get creative around our solitary bees, write a poem, a story, draw a picture, make an origami solitary bee, anything that gets the creative juices flowing and helps you to love our brilliant bees even more!

Friday is Assembly day and we're asking you to pledge to deliver a Solitary Bee Week assembly - there's lots of resources on the website including full slides and accompanying notes and if you drop a line to hello@solitarybeeweek.com to say you're delivering an assembly there'll be a little reward for you!

Graphic with yellow and white stripes that says assembly day 2021 as part of solitary bee week 2021

Finally, over the weekend, there'll be the chance to win a bee-rilliant prize on our social media, including a beautiful solitary bee mug, the bee bible from Steven Falk and a little something from the Green&Blue range! 

So, we wish you all a very happy solitary bee week. Head to the website, make a pledge to help the solitary bees and become a solitary bee hero!


From all the team at Green&Blue

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