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The Green&Blue team for shop independent day outside the Green&Blue workshop

Shop Independent Day Friday 25th June 2021

This Friday, 25th June, is Shop Independent Day, a campaign organised by Holly Tucker to spread the importance of voting with your money and supporting small businesses.

According to Tucker "Your pound will ensure small businesses across the UK not only survive. but thrive, so they can continue to be a key part of your community, bringing colour and creativity to the high street and beyond!⁠"

chris from Green&Blue holds up a £1 in celebration of shop independent day

Chris from the Green&Blue team with his £1 primed and ready!

At Green&Blue we're passionate about making small changes that add up to a big difference which is why, as a team, we're pledging to Shop Small this Friday in support of #ShopIndependentDay and to spend at least a £1 (more than likely more!!) with Indie businesses. We asked the team where they'd be heading and here are a few of their top tips, not that we're all about food and coffee or anything!

Gavin Christman, Green&Blue co-founder, says "I'm looking forward to my Oat milk mega latte from http://cornishmillandbakehouse.com/ this Friday. #IndependentPound Go Dan! Make it strong!"

Faye Clifton, Head of Growth at Green&Blue says "This Friday, to celebrate #shopindependentday I’m planning to support small by treating myself to coffee and cake @thebakingpost (https://www.thebakingpost.co.uk/) in Perranporth. We’re lucky in Cornwall to have a number of creative and wonderful indie businesses to choose from when spending our #IndependentPound (s) and they sure make the world a brighter more colourful place."

Kate from the team says, "This Friday I can’t wait to celebrate #shopindependentday with sunshine, Friday fizz and wood fired pizzas at the incredible Jam Jar (https://www.jamjar.cafe/jam-jar-kitchen) in Crantock with my gorgeous husband and Cubs!"

‘This Friday’ says Tabby, ‘to celebrate #shopindependentday I’m planning on treating myself to some locally made lovely jewellery at www.wildreefgifts.co.uk based near St.Ives in Cornwall. A creative business inspired by the sea and made by the sea by the brilliant Helen Patel! #IndependentPound


So there are just a few of our team pledges. If you're pledging to #shopindependent this Friday then do let us know in the comments below just where you'll be spending your £s!


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I’ll be spending my £s in #totallylocalburntisland at our fantastic independent shops like Sunrise Bakehouse Fife, The Fix, Grain & Sustain 😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Elizabeth Whitton

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