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Sowing seeds for 2023 with this bee mix seed freebie!

Sowing seeds for 2023 with this bee mix seed freebie!

Perfect for sowing near Bee Bricks, adding to BeePots, BeePot Minis, planters, pots and borders, we’re giving away some free Seedball Bee Mix seeds that need to be scattered right now for our future baby bees (who are all currently cuddled up in their snuggly nests, growing from eggs into little bees) who will emerge in spring ready to buzz around some wild flowers - and you can be ready to provide them with their first breakfast! 

These are some of the easiest seeds to grow - simply take a handful and scatter them on soil or compost).  

Each tin is worth £6 and includes 20 balls each containing 50 UK native wildflower seeds that bees will love such as Birdsfoot Trefoil, Wild Marjoram, Viper’s Bugloss, Red Clover and Foxglove. 

Carefully selected to attract solitary bees, honey bees and bumblebees, each tin is enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots.

Made in the UK. Peat Free. No chemicals, pesticides or neonicotinoids.

Add to basket before checkout!

The bee mix doesn’t add to cart automatically, so you need to add Bee Mix Seedball wildflower tin to your cart prior to checkout for this offer to work

This offer isn’t limited to bee houses, simply spend £30 or over on any bird house, bat roost, bird feeder, bird bath, bee house or gifts from now until Midnight on Sunday 2nd October.

So scatter a quick win ready for spring! Prepare with some wild flowers and bee houses right now!


  • 1 use per order
  • Minimum £30 total spend on all physical products from the store
  • Ends at 11.59pm GMT on 02.10.22
  • Valid on all items except nature reserve donation, perfectly imperfect products and gift vouchers
  • Stocks are limited, we reserve the right to substitute the Seedball Bee Mix with an alternative wildflower seed product of similar value if necessary
  • UK only

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Hi, I’m contacting you on behalf of Spire Nursery and Infants School, we are in a socially deprived area of Chesterfield. Our Friends of the school are hoping to provide each child with some seeds to mark the Kings Coronation in May and wondered if you be able to help us please.
Thank you
Kind Regards
Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw

Would be great to receives these seeds cheers

Would love these have a big garden bees are always in it

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