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    Faye on the eCommerce Masterplan Podcast

      You probably already know how much we love what we do here at Green&Blue, so whenever we get the chance to talk about it more we leap at it. This month Faye from the team got to talk to Chloe over at one of our favourite podcasts, the eCommerce Masterplan, all about what we do, how we do it and why we do it.   If you'd like to hear all about the passion behind the Bee Brick, guest blogging and solitary bees then you can catch our episode on the link below. And if you love a good podcast then we can thoroughly recommend adding this one to your favourites. Chloe covers a great range of subjects and we always pick up something useful from each episode.     We'd love to know what you think about the podcast - do let us know in the comments or on our facebook, twitter or instagram pages.

    The urban habitat for wildlife.

    We were lucky enough to get our hands on a beautiful book this week, Urban flowers - creating abundance in a small city garden by Carolyn Dunster. The book is a stunning hardback guide to making the most of your urban space and fits perfectly with an increasing awareness of the importance of being connected to the earth and creating green spaces, even in the busiest of cities. Carolyn has very kindly allowed us to reproduce a page from the book for you. And you can purchase your own copy here. The urban habitat for wildlife. By growing a diverse mix of plants in urban spaces we can protect the environment and maintain delicate ecosystems. The more we grow, the more insects and other wildlife will follow, attracted by the leafy cover and bright flowers. Pollinating insects, especially bees, are essential to our survival, as their job is to transfer pollen from one flower to the stigma of another, enabling seed production and safeguarding the next generation of plants. Without bees many plants, including essential food crops, would die off. Insects of all types also play their part in the food chain and provide a source of nutrition for many birds, which contribute in turn by eating fruit and expelling the undigested seeds that then germinate far away from the parent plants. Look out for plants labelled wildlife friendly and use as many as you can to ensure you are doing your bit. Urban beekeeping is becoming increasingly popular, and helping to revive a declining bee population. Nesting boxes replicate natural sites in the city, providing shelter and protection for the birds that live there. Insect hotels offer homes to solitary bees and nectar-rich blooms feed all types of bees. You can find Carolyn at many of the RHS events this summer, including RHS Hampton Court on the 7th July and you can find out more about Carolyn over on her website here. She will also be retailing a small selection of Green&Blue bee blocks.

    Green&Blue feeders on BBC Gardeners World

      Did anyone catch BBC Gardeners World the other night? Friday 17th June. We were pretty excited to spot a couple of our lime feeders on there, if the shows still on iplayer you can catch it here and you'll find us about 17 minutes in.   joe swift from bbd gardeners world with green and blue bird feeders   We were delighted to be a part of the silver merit winning garden 'The Green Connection'. Designed and built by Wardrop & Stevenson and Genesis Landscapes the show garden was built for the Association of Professional Landscapes. The garden was a contemporary design for a family and integrated wildlife friendly construction and design, including safe passage for hedgehogs and wildflowers for pollinators.   the-green-connection-garden-gardners-world   The garden was absolutely stunning and well deserving of the silver merit. Our congratulations to all involved and we were delighted to see Joe Swift admiring our bird feeders!

    Bee bricks at Chelsea flower show

      The lovely folks over at Alitex have taken our bee bricks to Chelsea Flower Show again this year and we couldn't be more pleased.   bee bricks at chelsea flower show   Alitex are designers and makers of unique, bespoke greenhouses, conservatories, rooflights and atriums in aluminium, emulating the classic look and feel of traditional Victorian greenhouses. They have built a selection of our bee bricks and bee blocks into the base of the conservatory to create more habitat for solitary bees, alongside bee friendly planting.   beepot at chelsea flower show with alitex   Sadly we can't make it up to visit but if you go along then we urge you to pay a visit, the Alitex stand also features some very fine looking cocktails from Hawthorns Gin, a winning combination!

    Trio of triumph for Cornish wildlife product Company

    Green&Blue, the Perranporth based company who create a range of stylish wildlife products, are celebrating after a flurry of major awards shortlists. The team have been shortlisted in the prestigious Blueprint awards, the Design Week awards and the FX design awards. Previous winners include Apple, the Independent and Kew house and the company share their place on the shortlists with Coca cola and Ercol.   bee-brick-in-shade-by-green-and-blue   The honours recognise the companies’ bee brick, which was the winner of the Soil Associations Innovation award last year. The bee brick is a revolutionary new product, which provides a stylish nesting site for solitary bees. The bricks can be used as standalone bee hotels in the garden but they can also be used in construction which is where the excitement at their potential lies. Solitary bees are responsible for a third of all food we eat but are facing massive decline and a part of the problem is habitat loss. By implementing the bee brick in construction habitat is created within the very framework of a building, and because solitary bees don’t have honey or a queen bee to protect they are non-aggressive and so safe to encourage around children and pets.   Gavin-and-Kate-Christman-award-winningbee-brick   “We were delighted when we heard we’d made the shortlist for all three awards” Kate Christman, Co-founder of Green&Blue said. “The bee brick is receiving attention both for the potential it has to make a real difference to the plight of solitary bees and for its stylish design. To be on the shortlist for “Product of the year’ is an amazing achievement for a Cornish company.   gavin-and-the-award-winning-bee-brick   The exciting news tops off what has been a fantastic year for the company after winning the Soil Associations Innovation award last year. Alongside completing a successful rebrand and re-launching the range at the Home show in London the company have also been handpicked by Kevin McCloud to exhibit at Grand Designs as ‘Green Heroes’ and are in talks with various architects and house builders about implementing the bee brick on a wider scale.