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Creating abundance in a small city garden

  A fascination for us at Green&Blue is the potential for change in the urban environment. With a growing awareness of wellbeing and our need for green space, trees and plants and in turn the importance of pollinators it's great to see the innovative approaches people are taking. Hives are popping up across cities, the rooftops of London being a prime example and the hives at the Tate gallery and Fortnum & Mason, to name just a few. Green roofs and landscapes high above ground level are creating whole swathes of new green space and habitat for wildlife. pages from urban flowers by carolyn dunster We were lucky enough recently to get our hands on a copy of 'Urban Flowers' by Carolyn Dunster. The book is a colourful, coffee table friendly, guide to creating abundance in a small city garden. Carolyn Dunster is a florist and award winning garden designer and gives really practical, inspiring advice for anybody keen to make the most of the space they have and create their own mini urban flower garden. The fact that you can spot a Green&Blue birdfeeder on the inside cover gains the book extra brownie points in our opinion! (Thanks to Living landscapes for the image)   Living landscapes show garden featuring Green&Blue

The Urban habitat for wildlife

  The section of the book we were really drawn to was around creating habitat in the urban environment. Obviously with products from our range like the bee houses and the birdball birdhouse this is a subject very close to our hearts. Carolyn gives guidance around wildlife friendly planting and creating a variety of food sources as well as encouraging nesting boxes and urban beekeeping, alongside insect hotels and nectar-rich blooms. Urban birdhouses in urban flowers book You can get your very own copy of Carolyn's book via her website here and you can also find a selection of urban garden friendly products on Carolyn's website here, including the small bee block from our range. She also encourages you to get in touch if you have any garden related questions or suggestions. Carolyn Dunster will be  at the Harrogate Flower Show from 15-17 September 2017, at the Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair from 25th-26th November 2017 and then at the Country Living Spring Fair from 26th to the 29th April 2018.    buy urban flowers by carolyn dunster  

20th September. Note added. WIN a copy of Urban Flowers. Head to the Green&Blue facebook page to find out how.

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