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Beevive Bee Revival Kit for tired bees

Beevive - Bee Revival kits, reconnecting you with nature

This year we're excited to bring you this wonderful find from a fabulous company based just near us in Exeter, Devon. 

The Why?

We wanted to add to our gift selection for Christmas and we wanted everything we chose to fit our vision of reconnecting people with nature and our mission to make homes havens for wildlife. The Beevive fits the bill perfectly.

The What?

Beevive is the original bee revival kit and is designed as an emergency solution to revive tired bees. If you've ever seen an exhausted looking bee struggling to continue on it's way then you'll know that feeling of hopelessness and that desire to help that washes over you - Beevive is for then! The simple keyring can attach to your keychain, wallet, bag (you get the picture!) and means you're always ready to revive. 

Beevive contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup specially formulated by founders Jake and Faye, inside a refillable glass bottle with a natural cork top, all protected by a strong aluminium shell.

Bee themed gift bundle for nature lovers featuring bee brick and beevive and seedball seeds tin wildflowers

The How?

If you identify a tired bee and there are no bee friendly plants that you can relocate him to, if he's not visibly wet, cold or injured, then there's a high chance he could do with your help. At this stage you can offer a drop or two of the solution from your Beevive keyring, or mix up your own sugar/water solution if you have the facilities - more info here. All being well it should perk up and fly away, though in some cases there may be more going on than tiredness - and that's nature sadly. 

It's easy to assume that the Beevive is just for bumblebees but actually we've heard great stories of the kits being used for solitary bee species like ashy mining bees (as shown in the photo below by HLB Photography) and leafcutters too - so you really are equipped to save the bees! 

Ashy mining bee being revived by beevive

The Who?

The team at Beevive share so many of the same values as us and the same passion for wildlife that it's a joy to work with them. They are creating a community of bee savers, they are committed to education and sharing the importance of our pollinators and their products are designed with thought and care for the environment, from recycled paper in their literature to sustainable boxes with at least 70% recycled content. And based in the south west, like us!

The When?

Available now on our website! We've put together a collection of gift bundles for nature lovers, designed to help you reconnect with nature. Or you can buy the Beevive when you order a product like Bee Brick or the Beepot from our website. A perfect gift for kids, adults, nature lovers, everyone who needs a bit more nature in their lives. 


Little bee lovers christmas gift bundle for nature lovers

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