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gift bundle packaging by Green&BLue recycled packaging of gift bundles shown in box

Packaging our Gift bundles for nature lovers

This Christmas we've put together a collection of gift bundles designed to reconnect people with nature. The bundles are built around our range of bird feeders and bee houses and then we've handpicked some brilliant products from companies we love, designed to delight nature lovers. 

When we decided to launch a range of Christmas gifts we went back and forth on packaging. If you're creating a gift offering is there an expectation that it will come in a pretty gift box with a nice logo and a pretty card?! And if it does where does this gift box go the minute the gift is received and opened?! We found that we just couldn't justify launching products that required any excess packaging - so it was back to the drawing board! 

Gift bundle in recycled packaging

And that's fine! That's a journey we go through with each business decision we make because the best way to reduce your impact is not to create waste in the first place. And so we've looked at our gift bundles and we've created a plan which involves wrapping products together in our recycled community card, Shred, (read more about Shred here) and then adding a recycled brown Kraft paper wrap and we finish this with a Green&Blue sticker. The gift bundle then goes into a box which is something we have to use to get orders from A to B already. 

So this is our introduction to Green&Blue gift bundles for nature lovers, lovely gifts which come packaged in a simple but lovely way, with a focus on reducing waste as much as possible. 

We'd love to hear what you think. For you should a gift bundle come in a fancy gift box or do you agree with us that that's just designing in waste right from the start? Is the world ready to start making compromises in order to reduce impact? Because we need to be and whether we want our presents in fancy gift boxes or not is really just the (melting) tip of the (rapidly disappearing) iceberg! 

Check out our packaging reel over on our instagram here to see our 'gift bundling' in action! 

Drop us a line via the comments on here or via email to info@greenandblue.co.uk or via our social media, we look forward to your thoughts.

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